Chii Sakurabi bij Moshi Moshi 2014 – Foto door Miyako Studio

Foto door Miyako Studio

20/05/2014 – Chii Sakurabi is J-Pop singer and recording artist from Tokyo, Japan. Chii originally performed live throughout Tokyo, and in 2010 moved to the U.S. to expand her music internationally. In 2011, Chii released her first full-length album Mirage, featuring a unique electropop style, as well as a mixture of English and Japanese lyrics.

In 2013, she released a new single and music video for Kaguya, and in May 2014 she will be releasing her second full-length album, Moon Princess!

Chii has performed live at various anime and pop culture conventions in such countries as the United States, France, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. Chii’s concerts are known for their high-energy as well as Chii’s passsionate voice, kawaii dances, and lolita fashion! Chii is excited to perform in the Netherlands for the first time!

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