Anime Winter 2017: 10 titles to look forward to!

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Winter is approaching, a wonderful season to be nice an cozy inside and watch some series. Luckily every season also brings new anime series and movies. Below you’ll find a list of 10 titles we’re looking forward to, keeping to the order of the series’ air dates.

1_kuzu-no-honkaiKuzu no Honkai

Type: Anime
Studio: Lerche
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Seinen
Based on the eponymous manga by Mengo Yokoyari

Starts airing: January 2017
Number of Episodes: Unknown

Kuzu no Honkai follows the perfect couple, or in this case these two who appear to be the perfect couple. Hanabi Yasuroaka and Mugi Awaya are really only together because they can’t be with the people they’re in love with. Hanabi is in love with a young teacher, who’s been a friend of her family for years. Mugi is in love with a young female teacher who used to be his home tutor. The young couple try to distract each other from their one sided crushes, but will they remain one sided?

Recommended by Yuki:
By now it’s pretty clear I like romantic anime quite a bit. This anime seemed interesting to me, I’ve read a part of the manga as well. The manga was pretty explicit, so I wonder who they’ll translate that into the anime. I haven’t had any time to read more than chapter 1, so I’m curious how the story will continue and how it will come to life in the anime!

2_accaACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

Type: Anime
Studio: Madhouse
Genre: Drama

Starts Airing: January 2017
Number of episodes: Unknown

ACCA is a big organisation without the kingdom of Dowa. It’s ACCA’s task to monitor the agency’s within the 13 states. Jean Otis is the second in command within the inspection agency. This part of ACCA has a few people placed within every state. Their job is to monitor the activities within the kingdom.

Recommended by Cypher:
An anime where the story is going to be really important in order for it to be decent. It appears like politics are going to play a big role within this series. It’s also going to be pretty interesting to see how a police force is going to function in this fictional kingdom. I’m also looking forward to seeing the animation for Madhouse certainly showed in the past what they can do in that department. Think of previous works of them such as Death Parade, One Punch Man and Death Note.

3_masamune-kuns-revengeMasamune-kun no Revenge (Masamune-kun’s Revenge)

Type: Anime
Studio: Silver Link
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Slice of Life, Harem

Starts airing: 5th of January 2017
Number of Episodes: Unknown

As a child Masamune Makabe suffered quite a bit thanks to the rich and pretty girl named Aki Adagaki, who called him ‘Piggy’ because of his chubby appearance. In search of revenge Masamune works hard to improve himself and returns as a very handsome, although narcissistic, high school student. Now he’s unrecognizable to Aki, but is Masamune ready to confront the girl who once bullied and embarrassed him? With the help of Aki’s maid, Yoshino Koiwai, Masamune tries to build a relationship with Aki, intending to break her heart. But will he succeed?

Recommended by Fran:
Bullying someone for their appearance is something that is currently still an issue. The main character in this story doesn’t let it destroy him and tries to improve himself, although he did spin out of control a bit by becoming a narcissist. The story itself is interesting, because it makes you wonder whether he’s going to take revenge or if he’s going to spare his past tormentor from a broken heart. Is there going to be a beautiful ending? That would be great!

4_youjo-senkiYoujo Senki

Type: Anime
Studio: Madhouse
Genre: War, Magic

Starts Airing: 6th of January 2017
Number of episodes: Unknown

Tanya Degurechaff wouldn’t make a great impression when you see her for the first time. It’s a small girl with bright blue eyes and blond hair. But this however isn’t her original form, she was reborn in this body after a run in with a being that calls itself God. Despite her appearances she is leading her own section of the army and has a strong focus on efficiency. She puts her career above everything else.

Recommended by Cypher:
The trailer is making this anime look entertaining. What I am really looking forward to is the idea of mixing the theme of war with the paranormal. I certainly think that this anime has the potential to leave an impression on you if they manage to focus on the right themes.


Type: Anime
Studio: diomedea
Genres: Music, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, School, Shounen
Based on the eponymous manga by Kouji Seo

Starts airing: 7th of January 2017
Number of Episodes: Unknown

The story is about Yuu Haruna who has just transferred schools. He’s a little shy and glued to his phone, because he loves twittering. While on his way to buy food, he runs into a mysterious girl: Fuuka Akitsuki. She’s a free spirit, who doesn’t have a phone and fascinates a lot of people. Because she thinks Yuu took a picture of her underwear, she breaks his phone. Not a very good start for a friendshio or maybe even love? Yuu has recently come in contact with his childhood friend, Koyuki Hinashi, who is now a popular singer. Yuu invites Fuuka to one of Koyuki’s concerts. The anime Fuuka has been adapted from an ongoing manga by Kouji Seao. Diomedea has produced several anime, among which Handa-kun, Mayoiga and Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!.

Recommended by Fran:
The story is modern and current, since Twitter is still being used a lot, by me as well. But that’s not the reason I got interested in this series, the love triangle in the story appealed to me most. On top of that I do expect some funny moments in this anime.

6_hand-shakersHand Shakers

Type: Anime
Studio: GoHands
Genre: Action

Starts Airing: 11th of January 2017
Number of episodes: Unknown

There is a lot happening in Osaka in the year AD20XX, this is mainly focused on the so called Hand Shakers. These people are able to summon the so called Nimrodes by holding each other’s hands. The  weapons appear by a shared wish between these people. There is a downside to this because they need to fight other Hand Shakers. The couple that wins are allowed to fight the God.

Recommended by Cypher:
I will have to admit that this series can go in two directions. GoHands is not known for the best anime series. Their style and designs are often really pretty to look at. What I am hoping for is that they manage to also get the story at the same level as their style. The promo trailers are promising when looking at their style. There is also the potential to make something good out of this, the idea of two working that have to work together to realize their shared wish. If they manage to properly show this passion then it’s a guaranteed success.

7_super-loversSuper Lovers

Type: Anime
Studio: Studio Deen
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life
Based on the eponymous manga by Abe Miyuki

Starts airing: 12th of January 2017
Number of Episodes: Unknown

The second season of Super Lovers continues where the first season left off. The anime is based on the ongoing manga by Miyuki Abe. In the first season we saw how Haru went to Canada to visit his mother and eventually got force to take care of his adoptive little brother Ren. Ren is wild, hates talking to people and because of that prefers sleeping with the dogs. Haru’s job is to teach the boy things so Ren can handle the real world better. The relationship began with a lot of bumps in the road, but eventually the two grow closer together and get to know one another better and then something happens that makes Haru lose his memory. Five years later Ren visits Tokyo – fully grown up now – to see Haru, but Haru has forgotten about that period in time. But Ren moves in with him, as they’d agreed to before.

Recommended by Fran:
The plot of Super Lovers isn’t very easy to explain, on top of that you can easily draw the wrong conclusions if you look over the story briefly. Step by step you get more information about the main characters, but you also get more insight into the other characters. There’s new twists to the story every time, which helps you get to know most of the characters, but mainly the main characters. I initially didn’t want to watch this anime, because my first impression wasn’t positive. But don’t let this discourage you and give the anime a chance. If you saw season 1, then you know it ended with a cliff-hanger. In season 2 you find out whether Ren goes to Switzerland with Haru’s mother. If the story follows the manga just like season 1, then you’ll see it will definitely not end with two seasons.

8_lupin-iiird_chikemuri-no-ishikawa-goemonLupin IIIrd: Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon

Type: Movie
Studio: Telecom
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama

Starts Airing: 4th of February 2017

A new Lupin III Movie. This Movie is a sequel of the 2012 series called “Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna”. There is little known about the movie itself but you can tell by the title that Goemon Ishikawa is going to play an important role.

Recommended by Cypher:
I haven’t been able to give the Lupin III series enough attention yet but I certainly don’t miss this movie after its announcement. Lupin III has built a good name for itself. If it’s predecessors are to be believed then we can expect a good mix of action, comedy and story.


Type: OVA
Studio: Unknown
Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance, Martial Arts, Fantasy
Based on the eponymous manga by Chika Ogaki

Starts airing: 25th of February 2017
Number of Episodes: Unknown

Landreaall follows a couple of teenagers who leave their home in the countryside behind them for the first time in their lives, to go on an adventure. DX, his sister Lon and their bodyguard and brother Rokkou travel together to find out what the world beyond the city of their birth looks like.

Recommended by Yuki:
Alhoewel er weinig bekend is over het verhaal, van alleen de samenvatting, lijkt het me toch een interessante OVA serie. Ik heb de manga een beetje doorgebladerd, de tekenstijl is redelijk uniek, dus ik ben benieuwd hoe dit eruit gaat zien.

10_hirune-hime_shiranai-watashi-no-monogatariHirune Hime: Shiranai Watashi no Monogatari

Type: Movie
Studio: Signal. MD
Genres: Drama, Mecha

Starts airing: 18th of March 2017

This movie takes place in the Kojima region of the Okayama Prefecture in the year 2020, two days after the Tokyo Olympics, also known as Tokyo 2020. Kokone’s father keeps busy modifying cars. Kokone Morikawa discovers a family secret, because she tried to find out what her reoccurring dream means.

Recommended by Yuki:
The animation and drawing style in the trailer appealed to me immediately. It seems like an interesting movie and since movies are often not very long it won’t be a lot of effort to watch it. It’ll at least take less dedication than watching an anime series.


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