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It is thanks to the planned gig with PLASTICZOOMS on May 25th that you now can read an interview with the musician who has been active with her band Orokamono-club and decided just last year to make it her solo project and rename it to Kill My 27. Who is HITOMI and what is Kill My 27? You can read it in this interview.

AVO Blog: HITOMI, thank you for your time to answer the questions for this interview. As this is the first interview with AVO Blog, can you introduce yourself?
HITOMI: Hello, I am HITOMI, the Guitarist/vocalist from the band ‘Kill my 27’ which is active in Japan.

AVO Blog: When did you start to get in touch with music? Since when are you interested in it?
HITOMI: I was active in a cover band around the time when I was 16 years old, but when I got to know Nirvana when I was 18, the focus of my interest turned to listening to alternative music.

AVO Blog: You renamed your band from Orokamono-club to Kill My 27 when you became 27 on January 8 2016. Why did you choose to rename it and did the concept (alternative music) of the band also change?
HITOMI: The name Orokamono club (“Fools club”) came originally from a statement that was made by the mother of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain after he passed away, stating how he joined that stupid fools club, which is a reference to other rock musicians who died at the age of 27. With respect for these people, I named by band after this.

However, when I turned 27, I was thinking that I was actually not a part of the Orokamono-club, and renamed the band. While holding on to the respect I feel for those of the Orokamono-club, I changed the name to Kill my 27 with the purpose of leaving a part of the 27 years old me in the band name. There is no change in the concept of the band.

AVO Blog: The name is derived from the 27 club, the name for a group of famous musicians that passed away at the age of 27. Who from the 27 Club is your biggest inspiration?
HITOMI: Kurt is my biggest inspiration. Also Janis and Jim Morrison.

AVO Blog: What is your favorite part of being a solo artist? Making new music, performing on stage or something else?
HITOMI: Performing on stage. Making new music is also great, but rather than having fun by myself I like to enjoy music together with other members and guests.

AVO Blog: You have performed outside of Japan already, just a short while ago you were in Taiwan and last year you went to Taiwan and London. Did you feel the audience and venue were different from what you are accustomed to in Japan?
HITOMI: More than in Japan, I felt I was truly being judged by the quality of my music. In Japan I also communicate with words, and I think there are also people who started to like my band because they like my nature, but outside Japan I don’t get to convey as much.

AVO Blog: You have been working together with other musicians as Riki Kinoshita (ART SCHOOL), Taigen Kawabe (BO NINGEN), THE DIDITITS, ZZZ’s, to name a few, but you also joined a special band mindblow with band members of LOUDNESS amongst others. Such collaborations are very interesting as such names are not unknown for Japanese music lovers. It makes people wonder how small the music world can be! Who is on top of your list for future collaborations?
HITOMI: THE NOVEMBERS. There was a time when I was considering of breaking up the band when the original members retired, but then I got invited to a concert of THE NOVEMBERS and it was just too amazing. So as I was thinking I wanted to work with them someday, I decided to continue the band. The fact that Kill My 27 is here now is thanks to them.

AVO Blog: If you could have a concert in any place you want around the world, in any stage or stadium, where would you like to play and why?
HITOMI: I want to see all the fun of the world so I want to go everywhere!

AVO Blog: You will release new music on May 25, during the two-man live show of Kill My 27 and PLASTICZOOMS. Can you tell the readers something about your release and concept?
HITOMI: The title of this music piece is ‘Psychotropic’, with the concept of facing the mind and soul of those who listen to it.

AVO Blog: What do you hope to accomplish with Kill My 27 before 2017 ends?
HITOMI: I want to go to The Netherlands!

AVO Blog: Do you have a message for the readers of AVO Blog?
HITOMI: I’ll give my best so the readers of AVO Blog can come to see me playing. I hope to see you all. Please listen to my CM of my upcoming EP Psychotropic.

Thank you very much!

I want to thank HITOMI for her time to answer the questions, while she is busy preparing for her upcoming gig. Also I want to thank Jinn for her translations. Please follow HITOMI on her social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – and her official website. If you are in or around Osaka on May 25th, maybe it is an idea to go to Club Vijon for ALTERNATIVE CLUB vol.7 with Kill My 27 and PLASTICZOOMS. HITOMI will have her release party for her EP at that liveshow!

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