Deviloof has plans to come to Europe in 2018

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Visual kei metal band Deviloof announced that they have plans for a European tou rin 2018. The announcement was made on the official Twitter account of the band on September 1st, to end their hiatus of a couple of months. The band also made a few other announcements, such as two music videos and a full album.

It is not clear which tour organization will organize the European tour, or when the band will go to Europe. For the time being, the European fans have to wait for more news from the band.

Deviloof also announced a new logo, designed by Toshihiro Egawa, who also made the designs for BABYMETAL, Suicide Silence and SiM among others.

Deviloof is active since 2015, and came in September of that year with their first music video titled Ruin. Since then the band is known as an extreme metal band.

The band consists of singer Keisuke, guitarist Seiya, bassist Taiki and drummer Hiroto. Some of the band members were in the metalcore band All Must Die. Since Deviloof is active, the band released a mini album, titled PURGE, and a few singles.

Source: Deviloof

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