LOKA announces tour dates European tour 2017

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After previously announcing the tour through the United Kingdom and Ireland with Crazy Town, rock band LOKA finally announced the dates for their upcoming European tour. Fans had to wait a while on the tour dates after the tour announcement in early August.

The European tour consists of 10 dates and starts on November 16. The show in Amsterdam is organized by AVO, while the European tour is organized by REALive. The tour is part of the “GRIP” THE WORLD TOUR 2017, which also has shows in Japan and the United States.

On the YouTube channel of Cross The Limit Records you can watch the adventures of the band in the United States, and also How To Play videos, music videos and live videos.

AVO had an interesting interview with LOKA earlier this year about the growth of the band, collaborations and the future.

Source: LOKA

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